Our Motivation:

Future-proofing - Ecological innovations are becoming a crucial competitive factor that we want to leverage for our industry.

As one of the world's largest consumers of resources, the textile industry must take responsibility and reduce its resource consumption through regional circular economy practices. Resources and materials used once must be preserved for as long as possible. This requires a transformation from linear economy to a resource-efficient, ecologically meaningful circular economy. This can only succeed if we bring together and connect many good ideas and bright minds along the fiber-based value chain.

CycleTex provides the platform for this.

CycleTex BW – The reason why

Circular economy requires close collaboration.

CycleTex BW connects all relevant stakeholders. Together, the community achieves what would not be possible alone:

  • Reduction of resource consumption through circular economy
  • Innovation and progress in the Circular Economy
  • Knowledge generation and knowledge transfer – from linear to circular
  • Focus and concentration on the fiber-based industry
  • Impetus for rethinking and action. Motivation for change


Creation of ecological, sustainable innovations