Competence: From the fibre to the product

Without research an innovative future is unthinkable. AFBW has taken on the role of organising research, bringing together research partners and initiating research. More than twenty institutes promote the alliance but the various areas covered by the textile research institutes are of particular relevance.

Hohenstein Institutes

With around eight hundred employees and over forty contact offices worldwide, the Hohenstein Institute is one of the most significant independent research and testing organisations in the textile sector. ‏Its core expertise is, firstly, research and development of innovative products and processes with a focus on applications and, secondly, a broad range of textile testing and certification. In addition to companies from all parts of the textile production chain, Hohenstein’s services are increasingly being used by international customers in associated sectors such as the automotive industry, medicine, capital equipment and consumer goods.

Business segments and expertise:

  • Functional textiles
  • Medical textiles
  • Hygiene and biotechnology
  • Fit and workmanship
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Textile care
  • Wear and sleep comfort
  • UV protection
  • Colorimetry and white metrics
  • Odour analysis
Textile expertise – international


As the business and employers’ association for the textile and apparel industry in Baden-Württemberg, we represent the interests of around two hundred companies accounting for sales of 7.37 billion euros and employing 24,000 people in respect of business, wages and social policy. We are also an expert service provider and advisor in matters relating to labour and business law, foreign trade, training and further education, in-company environmental protection and research.

Over recent years, many of our member companies have evolved to become high-tech businesses. They increasingly produce technically sophisticated textiles with complex physical, chemical or functional properties. These include airbags, medical products, aircraft seats and fire-protection suits. All these are produced using the latest manufacturing and process technology and are distributed internationally.

These companies need sensible underlying economic conditions that will allow them to develop their strengths to the full. We do our best to promote this with the government of the federal state, the Ministries in Baden-Württemberg and the trade unions.

Our members deliver world-class style and advanced technology and demonstrate this every day. Textiles from Baden-Württemberg provide the material for the future.

Haus Südwesttextil
Ideas, passion and performance

Institute of Textile Chemistry and Chemical Fibres

The Institute of Textile Chemistry and Chemical Fibres under the direction of Prof. Dr. Michael R. Buchmeiser carries out basic and practice-oriented research throughout the entire textile production chain. ITCF specialises in the development of sustainable processes and materials based on synthetic and natural polymers. These form the basis for the development of novel materials, fibre-based functional materials and intelligent textile structures for applications in the areas of apparel, life sciences, technical textiles and the environment.

Research fields:

  • Chemistry, physics and technology for fibre manufacture
  • Textile finishing and chemistry of technical textiles
  • Intelligent materials and high-performance fibres
ITCF Denkendorf
ITCF Denkendorf

Institute of Textile Technology

ITV Denkendorf is part of Europe’s largest textiles research centre. Under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Götz T. Gresser, ITV conducts basic and practice-oriented research related to all stages of the textile production chain – from raw materials to the end product.

Application-related technical institutes with industrial pilot plants, specialised laboratories and ITV’s own production and test methods help the industry to solve complex and challenging tasks.

The focus is on the development of technical textiles for the following future fields:

  • Mobility with a focus on the automotive industry
  • Building and architecture
  • Environment and energy
  • Medicine and health

Strategic fields of research:

  • High-performance fibres and yarns
  • Textile finishing, functional textiles
  • Fibre composites, lightweight fabrics, textile 3D structures
  • Smart textiles
  • Medical textiles
  • Textile 4.0
ITV Denkendorf
ITV Denkendorf

Centre for Management Research

The Centre for Management Research (DITF-MR) is part of the German Institute for Textile and Fibre Research in Denkendorf. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Meike Tilebein an interdisciplinary team develops and evolves concepts, methods and instruments for strategic and operative management as well as new organisational structures within and between companies and networks. The work produces innovations in processes and methods as well as systems that aim to improve the efficiency and innovation capability of companies to bring long-term success. Here there is a strong focus on best-practice solutions and pilot systems.‏‏ Business fields and competencies

  • Innovation management
  • Design and development
  • ‏Value-added management in networks
  • Sustainability and intelligent energy management
  • Development and adaptation of management methods and IT-supported tools for the textile industry
DITF Management Research Denkendorf
DITF Management Research Denkendorf