Expertise: From Fiber to Product

An innovative tomorrow is unthinkable without research. AFBW has taken on the task of facilitating research, connecting research partners, and initiating research activities. More than 20 institutes support the alliance, with particular emphasis on textile research institutes in their various fields of specialization.

Hohenstein Institute

With a total of around 800 employees and over 40 contact offices worldwide, the Hohenstein Institute is one of the most significant independent research and testing facilities in the textile sector.
Their core competencies include applied research and development of innovative products and methods on one hand, and a wide range of textile testing and certifications on the other. Increasingly, companies from related industries such as automotive, medical or investment and consumer goods become part of Hohenstein's international clients, in addition to companies along the textile production chain.

Business Areas & Expertise:

  • Functionalized textiles
  • Medical textiles
  • Hygiene and biotechnology
  • Fitting and processing
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Textile care
  • Wear and sleep comfort
  • UV protection
  • Color and whiteness metrics
  • Odor analysis


Textile expertise – international


As economic and employer association of the textile and clothing industry in Baden-Württemberg, we represent the interests of around 200 companies with a turnover of 7.37 billion euros and 24,000 employees in economic, tariff, and social policies. At the same time, we are a competent service provider and advisor on labor and commercial law, foreign trade, training and further education, environmental protection
in companies and research.

Many of our member companies have evolved into high-tech operations in recent years. They increasingly produce technically sophisticated textiles with complex physical, chemical, or functional properties. These include airbags, medical devices, aircraft seats, and firefighting suits. All of this is produced with state-of-the-art manufacturing and process technology and distributed worldwide.

These companies need reasonable economic conditions under which they can fully unfold their strengths. We advocate for this with the state government, Baden-Württemberg ministries, and trade unions.

Our members guarantee world-class style and high-tech and prove every day: Textiles from Baden-Württemberg are the fabric of the future.



Ideas, passion and performance

Deutsche Institute für Textil- und Faserforschung Denkendorf

DITF is the largest textile research center in Europe with more than 300 scientific and technical employees. As the only textile research institution worldwide, we cover the entire production and value chain of textiles on an area of over 25,000 m². Since 1921, we have been at the forefront of all important textile areas. In our areas of expertise, we are among the world's leading research institutions.

Production-related technologies with industrial pilot facilities, specialized laboratories, and proprietary production and testing methods developed at the DITF enable the solution of complex and demanding tasks for the industry.

The focus is on the development of Technical Textiles for future fields:

  • Mobility with a focus on automotive
  • Medicine and health
  • Construction and architecture
  • Energy, environment, and resource protection
  • Production technologies
  • Clothing and home textiles

Strategic research fields:

  • High-performance fibers and yarns
  • Textile finishing and coating
  • Fiber composite / lightweight construction
  • Smart textiles
  • Medical technology
  • Textile 4.0
DITF Management Research Denkendorf
DITF Management Research Denkendorf