Switch on the magic of HC!

The new high conductive, soft handle innovative thread from MADEIRA

High conductive and durable thread HC, specifically for e-textiles and LED application. MADEIRA advanced technologies help develop specialist threads for creative and innovative projects.

Special manufacturing technology creates MADEIRA HC high performance polyamide thread with durable silver plating around every single filament. HC offers high, long lasting conductivity, optimising contact points and circuit paths. Used in embroidery or sewing to integrate sensors, actuators, lighting or heating elements into textiles. For innovative performance, sport or work wear, medical, fashion, automotive, telecommunication, home textiles or any electro-creative applications.

Available in the electrical resistance of:
< 100 Ohm/m - HC 12 and
< 300 Ohm/m - HC 40

Madeira HC is the smart choice for smart textiles

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