– Building regional value chains

In view of the global challenges of the 21st century, sustainability ideas must determine the way forward. A profound ecological structural change from a fossil-based economy to a green economy is required, which means a fundamental change in many value creation and supply structures.

As one of the world's largest consumers of resources, the textile industry has a special responsibility to shape the change proactively and with foresight. Business as usual" is not an option.

The changes required for the transformation are multifaceted. With the NaturalFIBER BW project, AFBW is focusing on intensifying the cultivation and use of natural fibers in Baden-Württemberg. The goal is to support regional biodiversity and to expand regional value chains and structures in the field of natural fibers.

The resource-related structural change, which reduces the use of fossil raw materials and relies on natural fibers as an efficient and environmentally friendly resource, has so far been driven forward by only a few players in Baden-Württemberg. NaturalFIBER BW aims to accelerate and support this change by systematically networking all actors along the natural fiber-based value chain.

Members of NaturalFIBER Circle:

NaturalFIBER BW relies on the cooperation of many stakeholders from different stages of the value chain along the innovation pipeline of (natural) fiber-based materials and technologies. Only together can a change in thinking be achieved and the cultivation and use of natural fibers in Baden-Württemberg be advanced.

The NaturalFIBER Circle brings together companies and organizations from the region that are committed to natural fibers from Baden-Württemberg. The current 4 members include small and medium-sized enterprises as well as scientific and research institutions. Together they form an active network for the development of new value-added structures.

NaturalFIBER Circle is looking forward to further members.

Project partner of NaturalFIBER BW

Initiator, idea provider and lead partner of NaturalFIBER BW is the Alliance of Fiber-Based Materials (AFBW). Our project partners are DITF Denkendorf, Europe's leading textile research institution. Together, both partners provide an ideal basis for the implementation of NaturalFIBER BW.

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