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RE:SPACE stands for sustainably developed and produced technical textiles. Here, a complete recycling cycle from raw material to use in the end product to reuse is realized.

This is expanded by the fundamental possibility of using recycled material as a raw material. This not only closes the recycling cycle but also contributes to preventing existing waste mountains from growing further.

Through RE:SPACE products, we actively contribute to reducing global plastic waste. The concept can be complemented by the use of ocean plastics, i.e., raw materials sourced from the world's oceans. These plastics would otherwise degrade over time into microplastics, which are currently a still incompletely assessed threat to the global ecosystem. This product concept is continuously evolving. Additionally, more items will be added. We are also working to present existing products in a RE:SPACE version in the future and to incorporate new, compelling solutions from our suppliers into our product range and processes. Particularly for applications in the automotive industry, a significant increase in demand for textiles made from recycled materials can be expected in the future.

The RE:SPACE products are manufactured in a fully integrated production process at our location in Tübingen. We optimize short distances and integrated processes, which we continuously improve. Since the manufacturing and finishing of textiles are inherently energy-intensive, our goal is to reduce this energy demand through the use of suitable materials and the development of new processes. The exhaust air generated during the production of textile surfaces undergoes additional thermal cleaning. The heat generated in the process is fed into the urban district heating network.

Through the use of the regenerative thermal oxidation system, approximately 3.8 GWh of heat can be provided to the public annually, corresponding to a saving of 700 tonnes of carbon dioxide. As we are ISO 50001 certified, all savings must be demonstrated.

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