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Mattes & Ammann has developed a system for the reuse of mixed textiles and textile finished products in line with the principles of the circular economy.

faircollect is a solution for upcycling textiles and finished products made of 100% polyester. Since 2021, we have been implementing real circular economy practices by enabling the return and processing of these materials into high-quality new textile products.

In close collaboration with Glaeser Textil from Ulm, Mattes & Ammann has elevated the faircollect process to a new level: faircollect – Mix.

With faircollect-Mix, we can now also recycle mixed fractions. For example, mattress covers made of various material compositions (e.g., PET, PA, cotton, PP, etc.) are recycled through this process into new fiber material. This material is then used in the production of non-woven fabrics, which are used, for instance, in the furniture industry.

In a pilot project, 100 post-consumer mattress covers were collected and processed using our faircollect-Mix process. Learn more about how it works in our video "Mattress Recycling Mixed Fabrics: faircollect - Mix."

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