CycleTex BW - Project Objectives

The transformation of the textile industry from "Linear to Circular" is the focus of CycleTex BW.

With CycleTex BW, AFBW initiates a textile circular economy aimed at maximizing the sharing, reuse, refurbishment, and/or recycling of existing materials and products in the textile chain. Achieving this ambitious goal requires various concepts, which CycleTex BW advances at the same time:

Reduction of production waste

  • Returning waste to the (own) production process through new technologies.
  • Increasing the proportion of secondary raw materials and recyclates through new processes.

Substitution of poorly
recyclable materials

Establishment of a trading
platform for production waste

Development of new business models
(in terms of new value creation models)

The project's focus is on resource-efficient, regional circular management for pre-consumer textile waste (production waste). By reintegrating these wastes into the production process, "green" value creation can be achieved directly in Baden-Württemberg. Model projects are intended to demonstrate what is already achievable today.

Circular Economy - Added Value for the Economy

CycleTex BW aims to close and expand cycles, accelerate the necessary transformation, and support with tailored solutions. Circular Economy opens up opportunities for the economic location of Baden-Württemberg.

Location Security

Circular Economy enhances the competitiveness of companies along the fiber-based value chain in the region. With recycled material innovations, innovative recycling solutions, and new (secondary) raw material sources, Baden-Württemberg can become an international leader in sustainable circular economy.

Stable Supply Chains

Regional economic cycles support the establishment of resilient and flexible supply networks, thereby making a significant contribution to the stability of supply chains and the raw material resilience of the processing industry in Baden-Württemberg.