AFBW success stories

What we achieve, who we are – our success stories give a picture of this. Fibre-based materials are full of opportunities. They signify the future that we want to shape, working hand in hand with our partners from business and academia. 

If new technologies are to be implemented quickly to create efficient production processes and market-ready products, someone needs to provide the impetus to initiate and support the innovation process. AFBW offers support and assists the innovation process through the targeted and systematic organisation of working groups and projects.‏ Fiber Success Stories are the result.


After six years AFBW the address pool of the network is large, nationwide and currently. The scope and effectiveness, the Alliance monthly notice of shipping the own newsletter. [Nbsp] So why not make this "good" to the members as an added value available? The idea of ​​AFBW SpotOn was born! Fiber Success SpotON

Fiber Push

Allianz fiber-based materials Baden-Württemberg (AFBW) expanded its service portfolio. A new addition to the material-oriented mainstay FIBER push. [Nbsp] in central FIBER Push is the customized generation and implementation of knowledge on innovative and sustainable fiber materials for the development of future-oriented products to the international market. Fiber Success Fiber Push

Competence Center spacer fabrics

By far, we can do everything! -.. The Competence Center spacer fabrics is going to be system supplier. The  Competence Center "spacer fabrics" was launched by the AFBW and the Cluster Technical Textiles Neckar-Alb in 2013 to life and cared for since. For the first time in 2016 the group showed a joint exhibit at the Hanover Fair, which was realized together - from the idea to the planning stage to the construction. Fiber Success Competence Center spacer fabrics

Present the results in the right light and market them: AFBW helps its members here, too. The Fiber Spring project is just such an example. Here AFBW organised the final presentation, brought the end users together and thus speeded up the further development until it was market ready. Fiber Success Fiber Spring

AFBW bag

Fibre-based materials have considerable potential for innovation over a wide range of applications. How can this variety be communicated? AFBW has developed the AFBW bag for this. It demonstrates the wealth of fibre-based options using many examples from member companies. Fiber Success AFBW Tüte

Conference on Composite Recycling

Knowledge transfer at its best: the 2015 conference on composite recycling hit a nerve in the sector. AFBW’s event reached over one hundred members and interested persons from the sector. They made use of the forum provided by AFBW with its broadly based programme of presentations and the accompanying exhibition to obtain information and exchange ideas about sustainable and cost-saving recycling concepts.


TechnoTox is one of the co-operative projects that AFBW initiates and supports. The project investigates the nanotoxicology of textiles. “TechnoTox answers pressing questions about nano security so that we can give customers competent answers and drive forward innovation,” is how the project is assessed by Dr. Harald Lutz, Head of Innovation and Service at CHT R. Beitlich GmbH. Fiber Success Technotox

Visit of experts to JEC in Paris

A powerful combination of site marketing and market development: In order to raise the profile of innovations and products from Baden-Württemberg internationally as well, AFB organised, together with bw-i and the Landesagentur für Leichtbau (federal state agency for lightweight technology), a visit to the JEC COMPOSITES SHOW.

FiberBone co-operation project

The FiberBone co-operation project marked the first steps towards developing a new field of application. Titanium implants can be replaced by a new thin-walled ceramic material. “FiberBone is a new bone replacement material. It was only when we co-operated within the project that we were able to attain our goals,” explained Walter E.C. Pritzkow (who holds a master’s degree in engineering) from the specialist ceramics company Walter E.C. Pritzkow. Fiber Success FiberBone