AFBW services

Full of ideas, creative and competent, AFBW routinely develops new services to communicate the potential of fibres and the members’ expertise. There is now a generous package of add-ons to support AFBW and its members in the market and thus furnish tangible proof of the added value the network brings. The AFBW’s services are as varied as the AFBW and its broad range of tasks and topics.

“For us, the AFBW network is not only a forum to make contacts: it is a valuable network of competencies that allows us, as companies, to identify potential applications and co-operative arrangements which would certainly not exist in this form without the network. This year Essedea has also gained significantly from its membership: for one thing, without AFBW support it would not have been possible to apply for and implement many projects which have ultimately allowed us to create new capacities and jobs.”‏‏

Dirk Schulze, authorised signatory, Essedea GmbH & Co. KG, Wassenberg.