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3) For the actor presentation on the matchmaking platform we also need
Your classification in the natural fiber value chain
To which topics do you classify your company / your project? (several mentions possible)*
4.1 Further inquiry Cultivation/Agriculture
Fibre type
Which of the mentioned fibre types do you cultivate?
Cultivation purpose of nettle
Cultivation purpose of flax
Cultivation purpose of hemp
Cultivation purpose of millet
Cultivation purpose of hops
Cultivation purpose of Wood - processed mechanicaly
Cultivation purpose of Wood - processed chemicaly
Cultivation purpose of lavender
Cultivation purpose of miscanthus
Cultivation purpose of paludicultures
Cultivation purpose of silphia
Cultivation purpose of straw
Cultivation purpose of wool
Cultivation purpose of other crop types
b) Size of the cultivated area per plant type (in ha, highest seasonal amount)?
c)Region(s) of cultivated area per crop type (postal)?
d) Zusatzfragen bei cultivation purpose fiber production: harvesting + further processing
e) What "crop products" and in what quantities do you offer for what types of plants?
What "crop waste" and in what quantities do you offer?
Further query: classification of the value chain
Which of the above fibre types are you interested in developing their current innovations?
Which further processing/grafting forms to which plant types do you offer?
Which end applications do you produce from which types of plants?
Can you provide information on upstream and downstream company contacts?
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