Good. Better. Excellent.

With our professional management, we are among the top 30 most powerful networks in Europe.

AFBW is the first nationwide network in the southwest to be awarded the Baden-Württemberg and European cluster labels.

Contact AFBW

Oliver Weger

Tel.: +49 711 21050-12

Tanja Andres

Julia Kottmann
Assistance to the Management

Tel.: +49 711 21050-30

Vanessa Blaß

Sadiah Steibli
Consultant for technology management and communication
Tel.: +49 711 21050-13

The network management team of Oliver Weger, Sadiah Steibli, and Julia Kottmann is committed to the goals and tasks of AFBW. AFBW provides a platform for the shortest path between innovative ideas and market-ready products.
We are:

  • A cross-sectional cluster for fiber processing technologies
  • Project sponsors and managers
  • Source of inspiration and event organizers
  • Innovators and marketers
  • Communicators and networkers